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Largest places in Maldives

The largest cities and places in Maldives at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Maldives.

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Largest places in Maldives
Male Male1.Kaafu Atoll Kaafu Atoll103,693
Fuvahmulah Fuvahmulah2.Gnyaviyani Atoll Gnyaviyani Atoll11,140
Hithadhoo Hithadhoo3. 9,927
Kulhudhuffushi Kulhudhuffushi4.Haa Dhaalu Atholhu Haa Dhaalu Atholhu9,500
Thinadhoo Thinadhoo5.Gaafu Dhaalu Atholhu Gaafu Dhaalu Atholhu6,376
Naifaru Naifaru6.Lhaviyani Atholhu Lhaviyani Atholhu5,044
Dhidhdhoo Dhidhdhoo7.Haa Alifu Atholhu Haa Alifu Atholhu3,039
Viligili Viligili8.Gaafu Alifu Atholhu Gaafu Alifu Atholhu2,925
Funadhoo Funadhoo9.Shaviyani Atholhu Shaviyani Atholhu2,900
Eydhafushi Eydhafushi10.Baa Atholhu Baa Atholhu2,808
Mahibadhoo Mahibadhoo11. 2,156
Vilufushi Vilufushi12. 2,077
Fonadhoo Fonadhoo13.Laamu Laamu1,773
Meedhoo Meedhoo14.Seenu Seenu1,726
Manadhoo Manadhoo15.Noonu Atoll Noonu Atoll1,580
Ugoofaaru Ugoofaaru16.Raa Atoll Raa Atoll1,575
Kudahuvadhoo Kudahuvadhoo17.Dhaalu Atholhu Dhaalu Atholhu1,562
Open Stage Open Stage18. 1,258
Madifushi Madifushi19. 1,110
Veymandoo Veymandoo20.Thaa Atholhu Thaa Atholhu1,100
Muli Muli21.Meemu Atholhu Meemu Atholhu1,008
Diyamigili Diyamigili22. 763
Hithadhoo Hithadhoo23.Laamu Laamu683
Buruni Buruni24.Dhaalu Atholhu Dhaalu Atholhu577
Felidhoo Felidhoo25.Vaavu Atholhu Vaavu Atholhu541
Kuramathi Kuramathi26. 500
Magoodhoo Magoodhoo27. 453
Nolhivaranfaru Nolhivaranfaru28. 448

1 - 28 of 28 places

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